Saturday, April 05, 2008

Raising boys - Shares in the ER.

Visiting the Emergency Rooms is synonymous with raising boys. Well, Nathan has somehow avoided them - don't know how, because he is the much more daring one!

Matt bust his left big toe open, and he did a very good job of it. And so, it was another trip to the emergency rooms thinking that he would need stitches. Luckily he didn't, but they cut off a whole flap of skin, which looks gross and is pretty painful.

What astounded me most was my little 4 year old's confidence! Sitting in the waiting room, he was getting a bit impatient with the delay in his medical treatment. He stopped the first nurse that walked past and said: "Excuse me, I have an appointment. (then pointing to a bare wrist added...) I have to fly to Scottburgh in twenty six hours (he is actually flying down to Durbs with his granny in two weeks time). Can you fix my toe now, please.". Somehow we jumped the queue and he found himself on a bed. He then proceeded to tell the doctor (a very pretty one at that) how his toe should be fixed. After bandaging the toe, he looked at it, looked at the doctor and said: "I think my toe is broken, can you give me some crutches, please?".

The staff then burst out laughing.

On Monday he is going for his six-monthly heart check-up. I hope he will be as entertaining.

God bless you all, especially if you have boys.

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