Monday, April 21, 2008

Lecture on the Truth and the Word of God

We spent this weekend with the good folk at Randpark Ridge United Church. They put together a series on the Bible with an excellent exhibition in the church. The hospitality of this congregation is unbelievable and I would encourage anyone looking for a welcoming community in Johannesburg to give this congregation a visit. Below is a picture of the staff at RRU Church. From the left is Rev. Quentin Smith, Rev. Les Green and in front is Pastor Brendan Asch.

My good friend, Dr. Neill Oosthuizen, gave a talk on the Old Testament earlier during the week, a lecture that was received very well.

Here's an action shot of me giving the talk on the Truth and the Word of God. This lecture was based on the chapter in Dion and my book soon to be published, entitled "What are we thinking?". Now, many people knock us academics by asking "How many people have ever come to faith as a result of a lecture?". Well, I'm pleased to say, at least one. An elderly lady came to me after the lecture and told me that her friend felt God speaking to her during the talk and that she has returned to faith. God can truly make good what we do badly! Praise the Lord!

On Sunday I led all three services. I think I'll stick to lecturing.

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