Saturday, October 02, 2010

Day at the zoo...and the hospital

We spent the most beautiful day at the Pretoria Zoo. The boys will be
going back to school on Monday and we thought to take the day and
enjoy the sun, fresh air and God's beautiful creatures. This morning
my shoulders are sore as the boys took turns sitting on my shoulders.
I love carrying them around, because I know the time is short for one
to do this. Soon they will be too big and I will miss these moments.

After our lovely visit, we went for cake and tea. Natalie had another
mysterious allergic reaction which led to a visit to the Emergency
Rooms. We don't have a clue what causes it. The first time she had
this reaction, she had a piece of tuna. The second time, some Italian
tomato sauce. This time, cheesecake. She''s gone for allergy tests,
only for these to come back negative. Eish, I hope we find the cause