Monday, April 14, 2008

Bon appetite!

Freshly chopped basil. Garlic. Fried aubergine. Chopped Roma tomatoes. Balsamic vinegar. Red wine. A symphony of flavours. An opera of smell.
There is only one person who can make Penne Rigate with sweet tomatoes, aubergine and mozzerella. Me. Okay, and Jamie Oliver.

But what a wonderful feeling when the boys are quiet and my wife walks into the kitchen speaking Italian (not swearing, because I know those words and phrases).

Bon appetite!

ps. For the recipe, buy Jamie Oliver's "Jamies dinners". It's a winner!

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David Barbour said...

Thanks for sharing your feelings at the funeral.. how often we feel completely inadequate and words seem so futile in the emotion game.. my wife has all Jamie's books.. we are Italian not by birth!.. Go to the Organic market in Bryanston and get the real Italian cheese's and tomatoes... yum