Saturday, April 26, 2008

Matthew goes to Scottburgh

Matthew, Thealise and Betty left for Durban on Thursday evening. Thealize and Betty have never flown before and that left Matthew as the only experienced air-traveler in this party.

I must admit, it was quite nerve-wrecking letting these three go through the boarding gates, knowing that now there was no turning back. Betty can barely read, so this exercise was especially stressful for her. But instead of Betty going along to help the kids, Matthew took charge at the airport and told them exactly where to go, where to sit, how to put their safety belts on, where to get the suitcases... He was an absolute star!

They will be flying back next Friday. Then I'll stress again until I can see them walking through the "arrivals" gates, but for now, I'm getting to know our other son a bit better. What a charmer!

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