Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Another poetry festival for the boys, another poem...

Where on earth did we find this dog? – Wessel Bentley

When Milo got his baby sister
His life was turned upside-down
Instead of a soulful, peaceful friend
She turned out to be a clown

Every morning it starts like this:
With a nibble on his ear
A lick and a bark then he wakes from sleep
What’s up next? Oh dear…

The pillows lie there scattered
Her blanket’s on the lawn
When and how did she get that right
It is not even dawn

Our shoes are her new chew toys
Milo’s now under my bed
The old boy got the fright of his life
When she dropped one on his head

That’s it, no more of this silly play
And Milo is off like a flash
Chasing Roxy around the house
That’s what she wanted…a dash

Roxy Schnauzer is a dog unique
She’s as naughty as can be
But the mischief in her eyes say much:

She must have learnt from me!