Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What a privilege!

Teaching is my passion! Once a semester UNISA offers group discussions whereby students from all-over come to Pretoria and engage with us, their lecturers.

This morning it was my turn to present a class and I felt such a thrill, stepping into the auditorium with the students eagerly waiting. They introduced themselves and told us where they come from. Some were from Pretoria. Others came all the way from Soweto (about 70km away) by public transport. One person came all the way from Louis Trichardt (about 4.5 hours drive) also by public transport. And I am humbled.

I am always humbled by their commitment and effort to attend these classes. And so I make sure that I am well prepared. I make sure I listen carefully. I remind myself that this is their time at that this moment is about them, and not about me.

Thank you to all our students for making today such a humbling and worthwhile occasion. I hope you feel the same.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A bad day

What a day!!!

It started off in traffic while taking Matthew to school. In the car behind us was a very pretty lady. At the robot, I admired her beauty, then she stuck her finger in her nose and put it in her mouth. What a day!

Got to the office and met someone in the hallway. Their world had come to an end and I didn't know about it. What a day!

Started marking assignments and am convinced the students do not read a single thing we write. What a day!

Wrote a Bible study on the book of Job. What a day!

Spilled my cup of Milo all over my Bible and textbooks. What a day!

Went to pick Matthew up and he decided to wait at a different gate. After half an hour I found him. What a day!

Went to pick up my wife's new phone. One highlight in my day, another toy to play with. Then they told me they were out of stock. What a day!

Nathan threw up in the car. What a day!

At Bible study I was reminded that someone was not greeted. It was my weekend off and I wasn't there. What a day!

A glass of red wine and some classical music. Ah, what a day!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Talk at Cobblecrab workshop

Last week Wednesday I had the privilege of sharing at the Cobblecrab Publishers writer's workshop.

Cobblecrab is a non-profit company that seeks to publish the stories of people's walk with God. Their books are of a good quality and very affordable.

Here is a link to their site:

Thanks to John Bailey for the invitation and displaying our books so generously for the whole week at the workshop.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


While Julius Malema was singing "Shoot the Boers" at an ANC Youth league rally, farmers were being killed in the Limpopo province.

And no black political leader said anything.

I find this sad. I find a great inconsistency in our country. If any white person uttered the words "Shoot the Zulu's" or "Shoot the Xhosa's", they would have reason to fear for their lives. In fact, when someone dared finger the presidential convoy, this person was arrested and humiliated by the authorities.

I want to believe in this country. I want to believe in its potential. I want to believe that my children can grow up here without having to apologize for being white.

Somehow we all need to reach the place where we share a common responsibility for building a nation which looks beyond race. This Sunday I am preaching on the Old Testament lectionary reading. The people of Israel had to rededicate themselves to God. They ate of the fruit of the land (God fulfilled the promise)...and the Manna stopped falling (now they had to take responsibility). I think this passage is speaking to us.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Events and organizations

I belong to a Christian denomination which is renowned for its organizations. These organizations have dress codes, constitutions, membership fees and conventions. They are also dying a slow and painful death. Why? Because we have in our churches a younger generation who live according to the philosophy that "If it is not life-changing, it's not worth it"

Today my friend, Themba, said something profound: "People respond to events, not organizations". It made sense instantly. Thinking about it, I can testify to this phenomenon. We have had so many "events" in the life of our church, and I cannot recall any of these that was not well supported. When we tried to turn these events into a structure, whereby people had to put down their names on a piece of paper, all of a sudden these opportunities would run dry.

I think it is because people want to feel part, but not necessarily bound by anything. Furthermore I was challenged to think about how I live out my faith. Can I describe the practice of my faith as an event, or an institution, a happening or a structure? I fear that if I became clinical in my faith to the extent that I judged others by measuring their commitment to adhering to my organization, I would be deceiving myself.

I'm challenged.

I got spammed

Dear friends

As you may have noticed, someone, somehow posted spam on my blog. Wonder how they did it???

Please, don't deposit money into anyone's bank account. If you have the insatiable desire to do so, I can send you my details via a secure, encrypted e-mail.



ps. I deleted the post. It made my site look cheap.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Cape Town, meeting and sunset

I am spending a few days in Cape Town. The main reason is for attending meetings. I treasure this time as Cape Town is always good for my soul.

This afternoon, after a 7-hour meeting, my friend, Pete Grassow took me on a a trip of Cape Town on his BMW GS1150. Now let me explain. I am used to a Vespa. My brain knows how to process 70 km/h...downhill. This was a new experience all together, the adrenaline still pumping through my veins. Everytime we neared a bend I would start praying "Our Father". I couldn't get past these words "Our Father, our Father, our Father...Ooooooo VVVVVVVVolkstaat!" Hey man, I have to get myself one of these!!! Thanks Pete.

Here are some photos from Llandudno. The fairest Cape of all!!!