Sunday, February 06, 2011


Today I was invited by the congregation of Eastview Methodist Church
to do the dedication of their new Memorial Wall and to pray over the
ashes of two people that will be interred there in the next few days.
I worked at Eastview almost ten years ago and have very fond memories
of this congregation. And so, we blessed the wall, and then I
proceeded to pray over the ashes. I prayed for Pam and Harold (the
deceased...), and their families and the rest of the community. While
doing so, I saw the minister trying to gesture something, but I did
not quite get what he was saying.

Afterwards, a lady came to me and said: "I'm still here.". "What do
you mean?", I asked. "I'm Pam, it's my husband that passed away."
EARTH, SWALLOW ME WHOLE!!! It was an honest mistake, an error of
miscommunication between me and the resident minister. How it
happened, I do not know. Thank heavens that Pam is a gracious person.
Apologies again to her and her family!