Monday, April 07, 2008

Matt is doing great.

Today we went to Dr. Dansky for Matt's six-monthly heart checkup. It is always an anxious time. Although we know that he is doing well, there is always the hidden fear that things may not be as it seems. This time we were once again blessed with good news. There is a feeling of relief when seeing a real doctor looking at Matt's history on paper, looking at today's test results, looking at Matt, shaking his head and saying that this boy is doing remarkably well for someone with such a complex heart condition. If you want, do a Google image search of Transposition of the great arteries (TGA), VSD, ASD, PDA, Upstairs-Downstairs Ventricular orientation to see what is going on in our boy's heart. You may have to search each condition seperately as it is very rare for these things to all hit one individual at the same time.
Our Matt is now 4 and doing great. After spending the day in Johannesburg (and envying my friend Dion who only has to pass two cars on the way to the beach) we witnessed a beautiful sunset. We told Matt that Jesus made it especially for him. We prayed and gave thanks.

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