Thursday, June 21, 2007

Theological Society of South Africa

Today we concluded our second day of the TSSA conference.

Dion gave a fantastic paper entitled "A generous ontology: Identity as a process of intersubjective discovery - An African theological contribution". He got our minds spinning and I even sit here now asking myself the question whether I am actually sitting here typing this blog, and, whether my Apple Powerbook has a more advanced and certain consciousness than me.

With a mind doing all kinds of backflips, cartwheels and bungi-jumping through different quantum realities, I moved on to the next session where I presented my paper, entitled "Martyrs: Shall we die for the church or the faith?" It was received very well, despite me feeling that it resembled the likes of a Saturday night sermon. (Those preachers out there will know what I'm talking about). Still, a great day.


digitaldion said...

Wohooo! Great news on your Doctorate Wes!!!!

Your paper went so well today. It was very challenging indeed! I am of the mind that we need to seriously reconsider the language and symbolism of martyrdom. I am still left with the feeling that there may be some things that are more precious than my life to me (for example, as I mentioned at the end of your paper - I would much rather loose my life than have one of my kids die).... So, in the case of the mother of the child who was killed in the St James Church massacre, and who chooses to be reconcilled, and work with, one of the guys that shot her child that night, as an act of martyrdom (i.e. the Greek, marturion meaing to witness), I am challenged!!!!

Anyway, I am pleased it all went well. The conference has gone so well too.

See you tomorrow.



digitaldion said...

Have a great holiday my friend. I hope you get a chance to relax! Check my blog... There's a lovely picture there!