Thursday, June 14, 2007

He knows my name!

Nathan said "Pappa"! He has been calling his mother for about a week now, but when I returned home today, he looked at me, smiled and said "Pappa".

At first I thought it was just baby-babble, but when I left the room and went back a while later, he did exactly the same! There is no feeling like this. They truly grow up too quickly.

This experience made me think about my relationship with God. It hasn't been all that great lately, mainly because I have not spent enough time in prayer. But what must God feel like when we call on him for the first time. It may be a call of recognition, perhaps even a call of desperation. In my case it was a call of total surrender.

If God has a heart I would like to believe that it beat strongly in his chest when we call Him by name.

It's time for me to go spend some time with Abba.

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