Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Day 1 - Scottburgh

I am feeling the post-doctoral depression setting in. Many warned me about this, and I can testify: It exists. But here are my loved ones at the sea. Seeing their enjoyment is enough to lift anyone's spirits, especially mine. Feeling better already.

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digitaldion said...

Hey friend,

I hope by now your depression has lifted. Don't worry, as soon as you get to wear the read bath robe all will be better. And, don't worry I will buy you a box of smarties!!

Seriously though, post doctoral depression is a huge problem! As you know I got quite low... Quite understandable I guess, it takes so much energy, sacrifice, and hard work to 'birth' this new body of knowledge, and then suddenly you get a phone call, or a slip of paper, that says the last few years of your life have been 'noticed', but that's about it... Quite an anti-climax in some ways.

However, the Grad should be a great celebration! Plus you have a lifetime of being a good Doctor and scholar of our Church (NO, that's not meant to depress you even more!) It is actually quite rewarding.

Do yourself a favour, take the MCSA directory and count the REAL PhD's who are under 65.... You're one of a very select few!

Take courage and strength my friend! We will miss you in at the Academic board meeting today, and the meetings in Cape Town this week.