Wednesday, June 06, 2007

6 June 1992

Today, 15 years ago, I preached my first sermon.

It was an evening service at Carletonville Methodist Church. My supervisor, Rev. (now Dr.) Dion Forster sat in the front pew. I was 16 years old and preached about faith. I was sure I knew what faith was, how God called us to faith and that faith had absolutely nothing to do with what we know.

I had a very clear picture of God in my mind and my preaching was filled with conviction. Theologians were doomed to hell, and so were homosexuals, drunkards and anyone who didn't believe as I did. My God was ready to kick some backside!

I wonder what I would have said to myself if I had the opportunity to meet the present "me". I wonder what I would say to the me of the past if I had the opportunity to meet myself-of-old.

Strange thing is, that I do meet my old self in many others, who are just as convinced and passionate about their views as what I used to be.

Time has taught me to listen more carefully, because the me of the future might even struggle to have a decent conversation with the me of the present.

Time has taught me about grace and graciousness.

I do not doom the me of the past. I celebrate today, because it reminds me that I will continue to grow and that the Lord's pruning sheers are active in this life.


digitaldion said...

1992... those were the days...

Somehow I can only recall that you were a good preacher, passionate, committed to Christ, and very eager to serve God! You still have all of those qualities, and of course they have developed, deepened, and now you have all that good learning behind you!

The surprising thing for me is that I still sometimes meet my old self, in my self, these days!

Rock in the Grass said...

I want to believe that your excellent preaching sorted Dion out and made him the fine man he is today!
Perhaps Dion should sit at your feet some more!

Gus said...

The me I like most is the six year old me. The ones in-between freak me out a bit. I wonder what the 70 year old me will say to the 30 year old me and I hope I remember what the 30 year old me will say to the 70 year old.

Happy Preach Day Wes... I guess in preaching terms you're an awkward and gangly teenager, I am about 8 years old myself; I hope your sermons aren't too pimply or gangly.

(This is not a comment on your preaching - I've only heard you once and it was very early in the morning at John Wesley College. (It wasn't pimply or gangly))

Anonymous said...

My, how I relate to what you saying. I remember when I spent some time at Rhema Bible School... Everyone who did not read Kenneth Hagin or Kenneth Copeland was just not with it. I also shudder at the arrogance I had in believing that my views were so correct.

I only hope and pray that I have become wiser and more open to people and their opinions.

Thanks for journey back Wes.

digitaldion said...

Kenneth Hagin, Karl Sagan.... All the same to me... Just kidding!

Hey Wes, check out the latest post on my blog (8 June 2007), see if you can figure out what the image is saying!