Friday, June 08, 2007

Hell, I thought I had a bit of savvy...

Matthew and I went shopping for supper. We stayed out a bit late, because we first HAD to stop at Mugg and Bean for a milkshake...our normal Friday Father-Son routine.

It was getting a bit late, so we made our way back home. Matt suddenly looked up and saw the Evening-star and said: "Pappa, look at that star! It is so bright, hey!". Noting a perfect opportunity to teach him something I asked "Do you know what that star's name is?", just to tell him that this star's name is Venus. And so I went on and said "Can you say Venus? Ve-nus" to which he responded "Ag, pappa... Venus is not a star, it's a planet and Jupiter is the biggest one!"

I decided to keep quiet for the rest of the trip and listen to his enlightened thinking.

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Andre Buttner said...

Oh the joys of being a father - humility all the way! The wonderful thing to appreciate is that he is not even a teenager and he already knows more than his dad! Way to go Matthew!