Wednesday, June 20, 2007

100th blog and some good news!!!!

Could you believe it? Well, believe it 'cos its true! This is my 100th blog! I never thought I'd make it.

Neither did I think I would make my PhD, but yes, I got news today that my thesis was passed by all the examiners and that there are no corrections! My defense will take place next Wednesday at 14:30, so please spare a prayer for me.

Now I quickly have to finish an article which I am presenting at the Theological Society of South Africa conference tomorrow. Spare another prayer for me.

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digitaldion said...


Great news my Doctor.... now, this week you have become aware of where my ailment is... You know the ones...

Anything you can prescribe!?

Well done Wes! It truly is a terminal moment (in the good sense of the word!) You have attained the highest possible distinction and been set asside by your peers as a scholar in the faith. It is a great honour indeed.

So, as I mentioned to you, now you need to get some nice business cards printed (I have a good contact), and make sure your Church bulletin gets updated! Ha ha!