Wednesday, July 30, 2008


It's too late to take a pic now, but I took Bertie my Vespa PX150 out for his first trip - to my mother-in-law's house. I had coffee, he had a rest.

Wow, words cannot describe the feeling. I waited the whole day to go fetch Bertie in Joburg. As soon as we got back, I fixed the mirrors, put my helmet on for the first time and rode off. What a feeling!!!

It is quite strange to ride a bike in rush-hour traffic, but if I have to get used to Bertie, why not there. He went like a dream! Everything works! Even the hooter, which sounds a bit like a wounded duck, but at least it can make the kiddies laugh.

On my way back home I was greeted with the most beautiful sunset. Bertie and I pulled off the road, enjoyed the moment and hit the road again.

I'm hooked!!!!

Dion, we must do the Vicars on Vespa's trip. I'll buy your boss a chocolate. I'll get one for Mr Power too.


digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...

Wohoo! That is fantastic Wes!!!! I am so pleased for you. There is nothing quite like riding a Vespa!

Vicars on Vespa's is a MUST DO! I am flying up to JHB with Graham to speak at a conference on the 5th of August (he gets back form Spain on the 3rd), so I'll chat with him them.

I rejoice with you my friend!!!


Steven Jones said...

At the risk of asking a dumb question which is likely to have an obvious answer, is "Vicars on Vespas" open only to those who actually have a Vespa, or can an "appie" vicar with a Vuka also take part?

Please let me know - this sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...


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