Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Visions, an angel and coffee.

I was sitting in my office, doing paperwork as usual. The ladies had left already. All was quiet and peaceful.

My car went in for a service and I couldn't go anywhere, even if I wanted to.

Then the gate-bell rang.

I got up thinking it was another person wanting assistance. "I'm on my way!" I shouted from my office and started the long trek to the security gate. Turning the corner, I saw her. An angel. Not the kind of angel Jesus spoke about that would test our hospitality. No, an angel that looks like an angel.

Words refused to cross my lips. My mouth hung open. I didn't expect such a vision.

Then glorious tones, a voice as sweet as honey.

"Stop whatever you're doing. I'm taking you for coffee and pancakes". Before I could respond she continued "Don't worry about the boys, they're with my mom."

And so we spent a few hours catching up, talking about things that we haven't had the chance to discuss in a long time.

Thanks Love.

Everybody has been so nice to me they know something I don't...Am I dying?...If I am, please don't tell me. Then again, I know my angel will always watch over me.

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Rock in the Grass (Pete Grassow) said...

Yes - you are definitely married to an angel