Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fun at Zita park and update on Bertie

Today we had a picnic at Zita park. One blessing of living in the city is that the parks are still well looked after. Here is Matt and his friend, Kim sliding down a small hill. To those living in Cape Town and surrounds: Note the blue sky. We didn't have a cloud in the sky, nor any wind. What a beautiful day!

Here is Bertie. He started today for the first time and idled beautifully. I then noticed that the petrol pipe has a leak, so I'll have to fix that tomorrow. Ah, what bliss! Tomorrow I'll add all the little bits and pieces and pray that I did the wiring correct.


digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...


First, thanks for the note from Zeta park today... WOW! I remember spending a few wonderful Gauteng winters' days there lying in the sun while Courtney played on the climbing thingies! Yup, you're absolutely right! You guys sure have the weather! It has been WET, WET, WET here in Cape Town for a few WEEKS now!

As for Bertie, man, he looks great!!! You're a master (well actually a doctor) my friend!

Can't wait to hear of your first rides... So, let me know when he's ready and I'll meet you half way between Pretoria and Cape Town!



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