Friday, July 18, 2008

His story retold

Me: You know what Matt? It's Nelson Mandela's birthday.
Matt (4yrs): Who?
Me: Nelson Mandela.
Matt: Nelsow Madela? Who's he? Is he a man?
Me: Yes, a very special man.
Matt: Does he turn into incredible Hulk?
Me: No Matt.
Matt: Oh. (A bit disappointed)
Me: A long time ago some naughty people put him in prison.
Matt: Was he in an accident?
Me: No. They didn't like him so they put him in prison for 27 years.
Matt: Ag shame.
Me: He came out of prison and became the most important man in South Africa.
Matt: Oh.
Matt: How old is he?
Me: 90 years old.
Matt: Can he now watch Harry Potter?
Me: Yes Matt.
Matt: What's his name again?
Me: Nelson Mandela.
Matt: Oh, ja, Nelsow Madela.
Happy birthday Tata Madiba. On this day every year I'll tell my children your story.

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