Saturday, May 03, 2014

St. Francis and remembering Oupa Goewies

Today is my late grandfather's birthday and I couldn't remember him in any better way than through what we experienced. This afternoon we visited the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, as well as his burial place. My grandfather had a lot in common with St. Francis. At the tomb I said a prayer in remembrance of him. The Basilica is rich in history, more than 800 years of history in fact. The frescos tell the tale of a man who lived in opulence, who literally stripped himself of everything and who lived in service of God, people and nature. I think every person should make an effort to visit here. Afterwards, we met in a historic chapel (where the Pope mediated peace in Yugoslavia in the 1990's) and held an ecumenical service. We were led by Catholic and Protestant priests. It is a small chapel, where each stone and brick tells a story. If they only could, libraries would not be able to hold their tales. Our music was led by a cellist and three violinists, playing Bach and Mozart as we worshipped in spirit. I thought of Natalie and how much she would have enjoyed playing here. Here too we remembered loved ones who passed on. Oupa Goewies, you were remembered a lot in Assisi today.

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