Thursday, May 01, 2014

Day 2 - Assisi

We went up the hill today to visit the old city. Thousands of people lined the narrow streets, savouring the experience of simply being in this place. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I also presented my paper today on Schemas and social change, using Holy Communion in the Methodist tradition as a point for transformation. It went pretty well. At supper, an Oxford theologian complimented my paper and we got into an intriguing discussion on the historical value of liturgy in the pursuit of social harmony. He thought what was said in the paper was of importance, and I'm deeply appreciative for his sharing. I'm still enjoying Italy tremendously. I only have one complaint: they do not serve wine at breakfast. I think it is hugely discriminatory, seeing that all other meals have this soothing tonic which stirs creative conversation. :-)

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