Friday, May 30, 2014


We all have times of pressure. Deadlines, appointments, responsibilities... I am in one of those places at the moment. I know these times pass, but it is always helpful to have a nugget of truth to remind me of where to find peace.

This morning I gathered the family for our devotional time. Before I could open the Bible (app), Nathan said: "I have a verse! It is 'Jesus calms the storm'". BOOM! Got that message loud and clear. We then read the account of the Official's son in Jn 4:46. Discussing the passage, the boys came to the conclusion that when times are tough, Jesus provides a place of safety.

Jesus calms the storm.

Ok "To-do list", I am ready.

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Doug Roland said...

It happens that I have been in a storm the last couple of days and have been sitting here doing a "whoa is me" session. Your post reminded me of the multiple times God watched over my wife and I while we were in ZA. No reason to think he's not around here. Thanks for the post. It has re-directed my course.