Friday, May 23, 2014

A poem for Nathan

Nathan has to prepare a poem for school next week. It needs to be a "scary poem", between 16 and 20 lines long. I looked on the web, but couldn't find anything worthwhile. So, I wrote one. At first, I was a bit hesitant to post it on social media, but hey, it's not as if it is worth millions. Here it is. If anyone wants to use it, please acknowledge the author. :-) (Remember, it's for an 8-year old, so don't expect Shakespeare!)

There’s something in my room –Wessel Bentley

I’m lying in my bed
With blankets over my head
There are sounds, there is a noise
And I know it’s not my toys

Another screech on the door
and footsteps on the floor
My teeth chatter with fright
Will someone please switch on the light?

Let me take a chance
I quickly steel a glance
No ghosts in my room I see
To come and frighten me

Perhaps it’s under my bed
Now I’m getting scared
I must get up to look
And chase away that spook

I slip from under the cover
If it’s there, I’ll call my mother
I peep inside my shoe
What is that? BOO!

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