Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dancing with giants

Dancing with giants is a risky business. They might just get bored with you and with one step it's over.

Tonight I presented a paper at the Theological Society entitled "Who's truth will set us free?". It is the chapter which will appear in our soon to be published book. I read the title, looked around and noticed that the people listening were all people who's textbooks and studyguides I read as a student. And now I was tackling the issue of our perception of truth!!!! C'mon!!!! Klaus Nurnberger, Neville Richardson, Louise Kretzschmar, Conrad Wethmar, Ettiene de Villiers, the list goes on of well-known professors who really did not need to listen to my interpretation of our misconceptions.

But I was greatly honoured by their gracious interaction with my thinking. At least they did not just listen to the paper and keep quiet. A dynamic discussion ensued and I felt like I was given another chance.

I must say that I love this environment. Let me say it again: I LOVE IT! I hope the feeling will be the same the day my paper is ripped to shreds.