Saturday, September 06, 2008

Broken arms, sick family and looking forward to the Promised Land.

It turned out that Nathan indeed broke his arm. A nice greenstick fracture running up the whole of his forearm. Doc suggested that we do not put a cast on as the break is nicely aligned and should heal within 2-3 weeks. Dion, that is the difference between a 21 month old and a 30 something ;-). As for the rest of the family, we all have to contend with the change-of-season illnesses. The rain always seems to sort than out.

In three weeks time, Natalie and I will be joining a group touring Israel and Jordan. Our visas are sorted, our money is coming loose and I am already wondering how I'm going to cope without my boys. I'm sure I'll miss them more than what they will miss me. If anyone has advice to share on internet connectivity abroad, please let me know. It seems like the interweb is very expensive in Israel. I'll be taking my Mac and hopefully I'll be able to upgrade my phone to either a Nokia E90 or E71.

Gotta run. E.W.A. Spring Tea.

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digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...


Yup, them old bones tend to break much better than those on a new buck... But keep trying Wes, you'll eventually get a good fracture out of him ;-)

As for Israel! Enjoy every moment!!! Just DON'T use the data on your phone! I got stuck with almost R10 000 of phone charges for data when I was there earlier in the year.... Yikes!

In terms of upgrading your phone. Go for the nokia E71 - it is a vastly superior phone to the E90! Newer, thinner, better battery life, all the same features and more.