Saturday, September 13, 2008

A bit of a disasterous birthday party

We held Matthew's birthday party today at the church. He first went to Kim's party (she was born the day before him - the tenth) and then they both came over to the church to party some more. Matt had his Superman suit on aand was enjoying himself immensely.

I carried food around between the church kitchen and the tables where all the people were sitting. As I walked over, I heard a child crying, but did not make to much of it. Then I heard that this was a really "Ouch" kind of cry and walked over to the jumping castle to investigate. Out popped Marco (Natalie's cousin) with little Damen in his arms. I immediately saw that his arm was broken as it was flopping loosely all over the place. Ethan and Damen's mom quickly dropped them off in order to take her mom to a doctor. No-one had her number, so Marco and I jumped in the car and rushed little Damen to hospital. Natalie eventually got hold of Damen's mom who then met us at hospital. It turned out that Damen broke his arm just above the elbow socket. The whole front part of the arm then twisted almost 180 degrees and then pressed back.

Damen went onto surgery at 6pm. They had to put in 3 screws which will have to be checked in a weeks time and then removed in about 6 weeks.

Obviously we feel terrible about the whole event. Please pray for little Damen that he will recover quickly. He is such a brave little boy. Matt decided to pray a special prayer for Damen and told God how to fix his arm.

Lastly, happy birthday Matt. Sorry I missed most of your party. I know you understand.

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digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...

Oh, I am so sorry Wes! You're becoming quite a pro at broken arms though!

Damen, you're in our prayers young man. At least you'll have a cool story to tell, and like old uncle Dion you'll set off all the metal detectors when you walk through ;-)