Thursday, September 18, 2008


The Conference of the MCSA is in session. It is a time of deliberations, debate and a time that I always look forward to. Bloemfontein is a beautiful venue and it is wonderful to hear the Afrikaans accent which is particular to this region.
We arrived last night only to find that our accommodation had been cancelled. The local committee did not confirm their booking and so the hotel gave the rooms away. That left us a bit stuck. By 8pm last night we managed to find a guesthouse, which turns out to be a much better arrangement than what the church tried to provide.
I am sharing a room with Peter Witbooi. The room has two single beds that are pushed together. The room is too small to seperate the beds, so I had to ask my wife's permission to "share" a bed with a bishop-elect.
I'll post some photos as the day goes on.

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