Sunday, July 08, 2007

Day 5

Once a year, while we are in Scottburgh during the July holidays, we take a drive down to Uvongo to visit my grandparents. This year my dad is visiting with them, so it promised to be a big reunion. And what a reunion it was!

On our way there, I was made aware of how much Gauteng is part of my lifestyle. I decided to take the old South Coast road, which is a single lane road running parallel to the N2 highway. Travelling this way saves you at least a full year's wages - before tax! Instead of paying hard earned cash, the local authorities make sure that you pay in other ways. First, we had to contend with a bicycle race. The South Coast isn't exactly known for its young life, so most of the cyclists were overaged, overweight and overly casual in their attempt to to put one foot ahead of another. Perhaps they would have made more progress if they rook their training wheels off. Once past the cyclists, we had to deal with the newly retired who gave their rendition of the Breakfast Run on expensive motorcycles. You could see that they were newly retired, because they are the generation that invented Botox and plastic surgery. There were absolutely no wrinkles flapping away in the wind and neither did any of them give any expression of joy or pain on their faces.

With a heart pumping and blood pressure on the climb, we eventually passed them... only to be met by the back of an overeager evangelist's caravan, travelling at 40 in an 80 zone with "Take time to be holy" printed in luminous colours above the rear window. Does Jesus really have to be everywhere? I am sure that if he travelled on the old South Coast road, he would have done so not on a bicycle which seat mysteriously disappeared between bumcheeks, neither would he have prodded around on a Harley (a Vespa maybe), but certainly not at 40 k's an hour in an old bakkie towing a converted caravan.

A pleasant day, nevertheless

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