Monday, July 23, 2007

Old ladies and rugby balls

Well, I've been back in the office for a week now and I must say that I have mixed feelings about people who say that they know Mr Jesus.

The ladies (and gents, but more the ladies because they spoil me with coffee and cake) have been extremely good to us. One lady from the congregation came into my office, told me to wake up and demanded to know why I am not aware of what is going on in each of our members' lives. Might I add that we have about 3500 of those - not the old lady, but members.

And so my mind started to wander... to a time and place in the past... where worries were few and dreams were in abundance... a place in primary school... on the rugby field... where I placed a ball perfectly poised for an attempt to convert a try... I stepped forward and kicked... releasing all frustrations, temptations and all other things ending in "ations"...

Tempting... VERY tempting.

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