Thursday, July 12, 2007

Waffling about waffles

There is nothing quite as nice as eating waffles and ice cream at the coast. There is nothing quite as delightful as testing the quality of the waffles at the new waffle shop that opened last week. Not only do they serve the traditional waffles and cream (or ice cream), but they have a variety of other extras that make this shop worth stopping at. Waffles with fruit salad, waffles with caramel, with Bar One sauce, and then for the not-so-sweet tooth, waffles with pickled pork, with chicken, lamb curry and even savoury mince. Who could be so inventive? Only the English! The owners used to live right next door to Old Trafford, but decided that opening a waffle shop in Scottburgh would be more fulfilling. I just had to chuckle, because in this Pommie shop they were playing De la Rey for background music. That’s like playing Yankee Doodle in an Iraqi Coffee shop, or at least the one that used to operate on the corner of Saddam street and Hussein avenue a couple of years ago.

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digitaldion said...

Hi Wes! That's hilarious!

I have been looking in on your holiday blogging daily. I am both pleased and green with envy! Pleased that you're getting a well deserved rest my Doctor!!!! But green with envy at all the great times you're having!

I had a fantastic time preaching at your Church on Sunday. You are blessed with good people!

Well, it is back to the salt mines for me! Much love to you guys,