Tuesday, May 15, 2007


OK, it’s on. I’ve just been tagged by Pete to share 7 things that others don’t know about me.

1. In an IQ test I did 2 years ago, I scored above 145 (All I’m allowed to know). My psychologist said that I belong in a university and this is possibly the reason I struggle to feel fulfilled.
2. I re-arrange my study at least once a year, moving my desk against a different wall. I hate speaking or listening to people from the other side of a desk.
3. I have a black-belt in kickboxing and was once ranked second in South Africa.
4. The Dutch side of my family (my mom’s surname was Van Goeverden) is part of the Dutch royal family.
5. My name in German means “Steadfast”. My name says more about me than any title, therefore I prefer being called by my name.
6. Most of my friends are my senior. I struggle in relationships with people more or less my age, except Dion.
7. I own a Ferrari G-string. Being a McLaren-fan, I take the pleasure of pulling it… Let’s not go further.

Love to all. TAG….You’re it!


Andrew Coles said...

Hi Wessel

Was really enjoying finding out thing s about you until I got to num 7. That is WAY to much overshare!! I honestly prefer leopard print.

Stuart Bosch said...

Hi Wessel,
I'm impressed. Firstly with your honesty and secondly with the facts, i mean an IQ of 145... Why thats only 10 short of my score.;-)