Friday, May 11, 2007

Synod 2007

Sorry, no photos. I forgot my camera at home.

Synod 2007 in the Limopo district is hosted in Rustenburg in the North West province.

This year's synod will be remembered for ministers' challenge to the church-structures regarding its failure in allowing ministers to preside over same-sex civil-unions. Yesterday, Thursday, saw 19 ministers in the Cape of Good Hope District having "objections" recorded behind their names as they professed that they accept Methodist Doctrine, understanding it to allow them to preside over same-sex unions.

Our synod raised a resolution requesting the church to allow ministers to follow their conscience in this matter. This issue will be debated today. It will be a heated debate, so please, pray for us - that we may love each other, speaking the truth in love and allowing each other to believe that all of us are loved by God, irrespective of our stance. God may nevertheless carry issue with our stances, and so we are open to challenge and growth. 

We pray that we will not blaspheme - ascribing characteristics to God, speaking in the Name of God, when God cannot identify with our proclamation. And so, we are open to revelation, the receiving of this revelation, and in faith, a response to this revelation.   This is just a short summary. I will keep everyone informed.

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