Saturday, May 26, 2007

Go Bokke!!!!

What a game! Today we beat the English by scoring 58 points to 10!
A glorious day, but even more so because I could enjoy the game with Matthew. He is enjoying this game more and more and is already able to give a more than adequate drop-kick, place-kick and up-and-under!

I wanted to take him to the testmatch coming up next week at Loftus, only to discover that tickets go for R385 each! A tad ridiculous! So, we will rather watch the game at home, take the money of one ticket and splash out on chips, dip, biltong and all other kinds of nice things.

One of the English made his test debut today at the age of 34. This still gives me a bit of hope that I too could wear the green and gold for real....wishful thinking. (ouch, my knee. I can't get out of this chair....struggling.....ok, there we go).


Sleepy Dog said...

Thanks for sharing the joys of young children.
I too am enjoying a most wonderful time in my childrens life. There is nothing greater than spending time with them, being affirmed by them, receiving affection from them, and hearing them laugh. And they have taught me incredible things about God.

Blessings to you and your family, and don't give up on the green and gold dream... they may need a aging kickboxer yet.


Rock in the Grass said...

That is one seriously good looking dude. Who is the old man holding him?