Thursday, January 04, 2007

A new year with all kinds of challenges!

Hi friends! Happy New Year!

I haven't posted for quite some time. Reason being that I have taken December and called it "Finish Your Doctorate-month". I am pleased to announce that, after hours and hours of labour, I have given birth to something new. It is a girl. Just joking. Hours and hours of labour is true. I feel that this work is something new. I would like to think of it as a little girl, but the pages are too close together to tell for sure.

This festive-season has nevertheless been a special time in our family-life. Matthew is growing and really enjoyed this Christmas. His wisdom and compassion astounds me. Natalie told him the other day to say "Thank you" whenever somebody gave him a gift. Not that we had to teach him, for he has been doing this for a long time now. It was just a reminder. She also told him about many other boys and girls that won't be getting presents over Christmas.

I didn't know about the second part until last week. Matt's new toys were lying all over the place. Walking-in from my study, with my mind buzzing with Barth's ecclesiological rhetoric, I almost slipped on this pile of toys. Frustrated, I looked at Matt and said: "In one minute I am going to take a plastic bag. I am going to take all toys that I find lying around and I am going to give them to other children!" OK, I know it wasn't the best thing to say. He calmly looked at me and said "Hey, what a good idea!" He then fetched a bag, put the toys inside, handed it to me and said "Thanks papa for taking the toys to the children". Ouch.

Who was taught a lesson? Who needs Barth when you have little 3 year olds?

Let's move on, before I fall into a state of guilt again.

Nathan is growing well. He is gaining about 300g per week, so now weighing 4.5kg. He is still a very quiet baby and laughs whenever he sees me. It must be my nose. Thanks Oupa Goewies!

Natalie is a beautiful as ever and celebrates every day as she is able to fit into her old clothes again. Nathan is sucking her dry! She will start work again in the second term, so she has a lot of time to relax, look after Nathan and make me coffee. He-he

Things are well with me. I can't wait to submit the final bound copies of my thesis! This must happen before the end of February. Until then, I will add a little here and there. It is truly a Christian thesis as the Lord is adding to its number (of pages) every day. I will also be completing my 3rd year Psychology courses and hopefully enroll for the Masters by about June.

Blessings to all and hope that 2007 treats you well.

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