Sunday, January 21, 2007

22 January - Matthew's other birthday

Three years ago we were waiting patiently in a hospital waiting room. Matthew was being operated on at only 4 months old. The doctors swapped his aorta and pulmonary arteries and closed holes in the septum between the ventricles and atria. Matthew suffered heart-failure and needed this operation to save his life. I remember pacing the ward for the whole 8 hours. Natalie and other family were doing the same. Very little was spoken that day. I nevertheless remember thinking "Where will we be 3 years from now?". That question really got me going for hours - sifting through all the possibilities.

Well, here we are! Matt is healthy and strong! At 3 he is building 100-piece puzzles and after completing them, breaks them up and rebuilds them with the pieces facing down! He is well mannered, sensitive and appreciative of all things. Where Nathan is our little Rastafarian (see earlier post), I suppose Matt is our little Buddhist. (just joking for those who take offense).
We thank God today for our boys and their health. We give thanks for Dr. Colyn at UNITAS, who looked after Matt at all hours of the day. She remains a very good friend and Matt's favourite doctor. We give thanks for Prof. Kinsley, Drs Dansky, Mamorare and Colsen, whom through their work give support, comfort, hope and joy to many families. We give thanks to all the nursing staff who always had time to listen and provide a shoulder to cry on. Thanks God.

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Andre Buttner said...

Hey what brilliant children's names Wessel. Oh, by the way, our sons names are Matthew and Nathan. Seems like you have good taste, objectively speaking.