Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The word is "Petrichor"

Do you know the smell of rain? That fresh wind that blows with a blend of the smells of hope, renewal and life. Well, there's a word for that smell - petrichor.

Pretoria has experienced a record amount of rain during this summer, and this smell has become very familiar. More so, the smell of hope and change in our local congregation. Our new colleague, Themba Mntambo has played a part in this. Before he came, our leaders prayed and discerned that this year should be the year of "Listening to the voice of God". Immediately after we spoke the word, petrichor! When we pray about new opportunities in the life of our community, petrichor! Preparing a sermon for Sunday, petrichor.

I love this smell and it fills me with joy, because I know that God is at work. I share Pete's sentiments about the bigger institution. I do not only share his feelings, but I feel that he has more than adequately expressed what I feel about the matter.

Here in the local church, where ordinary people meet in order to hear the word of God (and not for the sake of being called Methodists or raising enough funds to pay the assessments), here is where I experience the petrichor of the Spirit of God.

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