Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Thank you" will do...

We try to teach our children to say the following words:

"Thank you"
"I love you"
"Excuse me"
"sir" or "ma'am" (oom or tannie)
"I'm sorry"
"I forgive you"

I'm proud to say that they have already made these words part of their vocabulary. Nathan has caught on particularly well.

At the beginning of the year I did some planning and decided that I seriously needed to revisit my commitment to certain committees and groups, and so I started to step down from several of these.

Today I have seen once again how I have been used. I served on a particular committee for the past 6 years (a quick calculation will tell you it is about a fifth of my life). I spoke to the chairman and indicated that I do not occupy any portfolio, except taking the minutes of this meeting, and so would like to step down. When it came to the matter on the agenda, the issue was raised and it was asked if there were any objections. Just a few nods. Then we moved on to the next point, only to be asked if I would serve on another committee. No "Thank you" or "We appreciate that we received minutes of meetings immediately after each meeting"... Just "Now we need to replace Wessel".

That may not have been the intention, but I feel a bit used. When I indicated that I was not willing to serve on the "other" committee, it was almost as if I was not pulling my weight.

Well, excuse me. I am paid to run a church, not volunteer to sit on committees that do little or nothing for my community. If I volunteer, please say "thank you". If you don't want to, then pay me. Make it worth my while so that I can spoil my family for the time that I have to sit and pretend as if my contribution is appreciated.

I appreciate the few people who make a point after a Bible study or sermon say "Thank you". I know it may just roll of the tongue, but I choose to invest value in those words. To you I say: "It is a pleasure, and I'll work my fingers to the bone for you".

Thanks for reading my blog.

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