Friday, February 06, 2009

Weekend off

We get one weekend off per quarter. That is if we don't take leave in it. This is my weekend off, which means that I won;t be in the office from today to Monday. It is a blessing not to think about another sermon, to bar calls on my phone. This is a little bit of me-time. Today I went to the bank to negotiate interest rates - successful. Now I'm sitting in the Seattle Coffee shop drinking a cappuccino and surfing the net. In an hour's time I'll be having coffee with my good friend and mentor, Prof. Conrad Wethmar. Then I'll fetch the boys and we'll be off to have a braai with friends. Tomorrow, after Nats' classes, we'll be going to my parents in Carletonville and spend some time there until Sunday afternoon. On Monday I will work on two book proposals for Upper Room Publishers. Doing the stuff I love doing. This is much needed time to get to know myself again. The only thing that is missing is going on a long ride on my Vespa. Will have to fit it in somewhere. Have a good weekend everyone.

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