Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Starting the year with lots of energy (budgetted energy)

What is worse than writing exams at the end of the year? Answer: Writing exams at the beginning of the year. In the next two weeks I'll be writing the first leg of my Psych Honours exams. The difference between undergraduate and postgraduate psychology is substantial! There are a lot of symptoms, equasions, formulae and research methodologies to be studied.

This is not all that is going on.

We have had two funerals since the beginning of the year (Beryl is taking charge of the most recent one),
Celebrating our book becoming available,
Editing the Ethics textbook which should be published by the end of the year,
Submitted a research article last night,
Wrote a set of devotions for Disciplines 2010,
Writing a book on prayer during financial crisis,
Writing a book of Lenten devotions (long overdue),
Preparing a proposal for a paper which I plan to deliver at the Theological Society in June on Calvin's pneumatology and the African spirit-world,
Gathering notes for an article on leadership and ethics (due Oct),
Planning another book with Dion on the relationship between church and state...

I am looking forward to this year. I am excited about these projects. By the way, this is my hobby and I do not allow it to interfere with my pastoral responsibilities. Besides writing and studying I also enjoy cooking (will try out a few more Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver recipes to add to my repertoire), riding my Vespa (Dion is Vicars on Vespa's still on? Maybe September?), playing with my boys and loving my wife (my family takes priority over all the other items).

At the stroke of midnight, announcing 1 January, I reminded myself that this is 2009 AD, 2009 the year of the Lord. This, to me, means that these plans are subject to God's approval and will be dedicated to God's glory.

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