Thursday, October 23, 2008

What I love in what I do

Tonight we had a baptism seminar, preparing the parents for Sunday when they will be making vows pertaining to the way in which they choose to raise their children. I love these moments, especially when through engaging with different understandings, people's eyes light up and it comes across that they now "own the process".

I am always blessed by spouses who do not come to church often becoming new friends. More often than not I sense their reservation when they get to know that I am a minister. I feel the stereotypes being played out in their minds. I think they must think that it is just a matter of time before they will pounce on me for being rigid, autocratic or pious. But that doesn't happen, well it hasn't happened yet. This is because Jesus makes my job easy. I welcome people, listen to them and celebrate their journeys. While Jesus makes my job easy, the church often complicates it, because many people carry negative stereotypes about ministers out of negative experiences in their past.

We parted ways tonight all looking forward to Sunday, celebrating God's love for these children and celebrating their place in community. I pray that it will be a special time for all.

I love teaching. No, I love facilitating journey. Bible studies, preaching, leading seminars, lecturing, these are things that give me life.

I do struggle with depression, and this week has been particularly difficult. This is something that needs to be managed, but I feel so much better having traveled with a few people, for a short time.

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