Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nokia E71 Vodacom Bluetooth modem on the Mac

I've been struggling to use my new Nokia E71 as a Bluetooth modem on my Mac (Powerbook G4), but now got it right. I am a Vodacom subscriber. Here are some simple instructions:

1. Download the Phone script here.

2. Expand the file then in the folder, copy the CID1 file and paste it on "harddrive"\Library\Modem Scripts.

3. Pair the phone with the computer.

4. Instead of doing the normal *99#, type "internet"

5. Go to System preferences, Networking, click Bluetooth, Configure.

6. Make sure the number is still "internet" under the PPP tab.

7. PPP configuration, disable "send data packets".

8. Go to Bluetooth modem and see if the Nokia CID1 is selected.

9. Apply now.

Try and connect now.


digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...

Well done Wes! You're turning into a Mac guru! I struggled to get my Nokia E90 to work as a bluetooth modem with my Macbook some time ago, but after going to the Nokia website I was amazed to discover that they had actually put together a Mac .dmg package file! I simply downloaded it, installed it, and viola, I had 3G access via bluetooth, and what more, I could sync contacts and calendar events via bluetooth. I even found (via our friend Gus) a dashboard app that would allow me to send SMS text messages from the Mac via the phone (this is a generic Nokia app).

Blessings from God's fairest Cape!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice. This page: helped me with the phone side things on MacBook...


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