Wednesday, June 07, 2006

You won't see a picture like this again!

On 6 June 1993 I conducted my first service as an On-Trial Local Preacher. I don't remember much of the service, except Dion Forster sitting in the front row with a marksheet in hand, listening to me say to the congregation that if they did not accept Jesus there and then, that they would go to Hell (...or something like that). 10 Years ago I also entered formation towards ordained ministery as a Phase 1 at Ventersdorp.

All I can say is: "Praise the Lord for spiritual growth, haircuts and a sense of humour!"

I wonder what I will say in 10 years time about my state at present?

Probably "Praise the Lord for spiritual growth, haircuts and a sense of humour!".

Happy anniversary to me!


digitaldion said...

Yes, I remember that day! It was great!

1. I was just so pleased that there was someone younger than me in the ministry!

2. You preached well as I remember. Of course the real Gospel is not the message but the preacher himself. You love Jesus and that will always be more important than a developing theology (for me at least). Also, people need to hear a straight forward Gospel message from time to time! When last did I preach about heaven and hell? I miss those days where everything was straight forward! When I believed everything I read, and just about everything I heard. Blissful ignorance and self-righteousness, now it is most often educated arrogance…. Ha ha!

In 10 years time I will be grateful to have any hair left, well hair on the top of my head that is; a haircut will be something that I will need for my nose, ears and eyebrows. I'll probably be so old and difficult, and filled with self-importance, that I won't be able to laugh at anything - let alone my 'all important' self... Please Lord, NO!!! In fact, with the history of heart disease in my family I guess that I would just be happy to be alive in 10 years time! Let’s see in 10 years time!

Happy Anniversary friend!

You're a gift Wes! I hope I passed you in that first trial sermon?

Rock in the Grass said...

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Gus said...

Keep it up Wes. You looked quite weird back then dude. Pete's a perv. Happy anniversary.