Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Theological Society

On Wednesday we are going to the Theological Society of South Africa meeting in Pietermaritzburg. I will be presenting a paper entitled: "Barth's definition of Church in politics and culture: Growth points for the church in South Africa".

I am not clever enough to give a downloadable version on this site If anyone knows how, please let me know. In the meantime, if you are interested, please request one via e-mail (pelagius@mweb.co.za) and I'll gladly send it to you. Please note that this paper is itself a construction-site, meaning that it still needs a lot of work before it can be published. Your input will be helpful.

More news about the Conference will be posted on Saturday - God willing.

Blessings to all.


digitaldion said...

Great Wes!

I look forward to hearing the paper! We fly just after 6am!

See you in the morning. I'll show you how to upload your paper.


Rock in the Grass said...

Hello my brother
i am told that your paper was great success. You are a scholar! So now we have Wessel who says that Barth says that God says