Friday, June 09, 2006

Just something short and funny.

We are busy potty-training Matthew. Yesterday I successfully guided him through a no.1 and no.2. I have never been so proud!

Then Matthew got up, looked at his achievement, raised a clenched fist in the air and shouted at the top of his voice: "Buuuulllllsss!"

I was not impressed.


digitaldion said...

The wonders of parenting!

Indeed it is true that God uses the simple things of the world to put the wise in place.

Now, when are you going to tell us all about your new appointment at the University of South Africa, Professor Bentley!?

Here is a little message of congratulations that I have for you:

On your MAC, copy the Greek below, press F12, paste it into the Blue Language translator (Greek to English) and see what it says!



Καλοψημένος καθηγητής Wes! Τώρα μπορείτε να σταματήσετε ότι ο
ανόητος "Karl Barth" και παίρνει σε κάποια πραγματική
αίρεση για μια αλλαγή.

PS. For those who are not blessed enough to have a MAC, you could always try using this link:

Gus said...

Kalobime'nos professor Wes! Now you can stop that the fool "Karl Barth" and takes in certain real sect for a change.

- Must be some sort of theological speak.

Rock in the Grass said...

I am delighted that Matthew is a man of such discernment. "Out of the mouth's of babes". Now if he can keep up the comment after the appropriate bowell movement I can see a great future for him as a Western Province supporter!

Anonymous said...

re: The title... "Just something short and funny" My wife says that sounds like my kind of foreplay. What do you think she's trying to tell me?

(I really can't put my name to this)