Sunday, May 25, 2008

She's had enough.

She shouted, packed her things and left. After 33 years of dealing with alcohol abuse, my mom decided that she could not take my dad's violence any more. No, he did not physically attacked her, but the emotional scars are there for all to see.

All about a plug.

This happened over Friday and Saturday. Since then he has "stopped drinking", apologized and promised to change his ways. Too little too late. They agreed to separate for six weeks and not to make contact. After that they'll reassess the situation.

Why am I hanging this dirty washing on the line for all to see? Well, because it hurts. Pain that is hidden hurts more. It festers.

Strangely, I feel extremely sorry for my dad. No, I don't think that is accurate. I feel compassion, grace, love and that feeling when you know that a tight hug will change a life.

I pray that during these next few weeks, both my mom and dad will meet Mr. Jesus in a new way, a way that is reVITALizing.

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digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...

Dear God,

Let your peace, healing, and grace rest upon this situation and this precious family.

In the name of Christ whose pain brings us life.