Thursday, August 23, 2007

OK Pete, I give in.

Pete asked for a photo of me in my Speedo, so here it is...


digitaldion said...

I see you're quite good with the old photoshop there wes... How did you manage to fit your head so seamlessly onto my body!?

Technology... Amazing. It's good to be back my Doctor! When is your Grad date!? Have you fetched your robes yet!!!????

I wish we had more time to chat... Do you think you could squeeze in a coffee tomorrow some time?



Rock in the Grass said...

sheesh! you have been hiding your pecks under a bushel!

Sharky said...

No, that's not you Wessel - I can see it is someone else. You have always looked much better than that - unless it is the lack of training that has led to this out-of-shape Wessel I now see before my eyes!

Never thought you wuld let yourself go to this extent . . . ag shame.