Tuesday, August 07, 2007


During the past few days, we have experienced a shortage of fuel due to a petro-chemical workers' strike. Petrol pumps ran dry over the weekend and everybody talked about the inconvenience of it all.

On Saturday I had to make my way to Eersterus for a meeting and had to find some petrol in order to get there (and back). Eventually I found a petrol station that had unleaded. I waited patiently in line, and getting to the front asked the attendant how much fuel we were allowed. He indicated that they still had enough to fill my 35l tank, which I did. But then I witnessed something that was as painful as chewing on polystyrene.

A man drove up to the pump next to the one where I was filling up. Hitched to the car was a 300l tank which he filled subsequent to filling his car and then opened the boot in order to fill four 5l cans! Can you believe it!!!??? He drove away with at least 6 people's share of fuel and he didn't blush once!

And so I preached on sharing this past Sunday. Sharing enables the strengthening of community. Without sharing, without being considerate towards others, without willfully sacrificing a bit so that there can be enough for all, we will never know the meaning of community.

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David said...


Congrats on your doctorate. You look awfully smart in your red attire....
Greed! In the Easter Cape a truck carrying pigs overturned and the pigs were literally butchered alive by local residents. The SPCA were at the scene and watched a policeman take his official car registration off and started to load pigs into his car. A little like a feeding frenzy amongst sharks I would think. Nobody considered the loss to the farmer? Maybe this is God's way of giving the unfortunate the 'bread of heaven.' I wonder what the wandering Jews would have thought after wiping the sleep from their eyes to find the place alive with the oinks of pigs?

David (Barbour)