Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Vodacom, E220, Windows 7

It turns out that if you have a Vodacom E220 usb dongle, running on a
pc with Windows 7, then you might experience some difficulties with
your internet connection. Turns out that the Windows Updates corrupt
the drivers for the dongle, so this is what I have had to do with
another person's computer (I run Mac, which is a Latinese word for
"no problems").

1. Do a system restore on your computer to before the critical
updates were installed.
2. Make sure all Vodacom programmes have been uninstalled on the PC
and disable and uncheck all the Windows Automatic Update boxes
3. Use another computer to download the newest firmware update and
software for Windows XP. To do this, do the following:
3.1 Take the simcard out of the dongle
3.2 Go to, Services, Broadband, Downloads, pick
the correct file for download
3.3 Insert the sim-less dongle and run the files
3.4 Unplug dongle and insert sim
4. Plug dongle into the Windows 7 pc and follow the prompts
5. IT WORKS!!!

ps. I don't take any responsibility for any loss or damage to files,
hardware or software if you follow this advice. This purely worked on
this computer because it did not have important documents on it.


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