Monday, January 11, 2010

Taking God out of the Church

It is interesting how we start seeing patterns. Coincidentally my friend Pete Grassow ( wrote about his experience outside the church buildings which resonates with a piece I wrote this morning for my book of Lenten devotions. The piece I wrote is based on the healing of Simon's mother (Mark 1:29-34).

The thing that struck me is that Jesus left the synagogue and went to Peter's house. I assume that Jesus, Peter, Andrew, James and John went to the synagogue to worship and that Simon invited Jesus over after worship. It is here that Jesus encountered Simon's mom-in-law and healed her. The thought struck me (with the help of the Interpreter's Bible) that we so often leave God at the place of worship. What would happen if we, like Simon, invited Jesus to our homes or our places of work? Will we be surprised to see that Jesus enters these places and touches the people who need Him most? (I am tempted to play the mother-in-law line here, but I will refrain).

I hope your day is filled with the assurance that God did not stay behind at your quiet time this morning, and neither did God remain at church. God is with us. I will be chewing on this one a bit further today. Please share your thoughts.

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