Monday, July 20, 2009

A new chapter

I can remember my first day in Grade 1. I went to Laerskool Jongspan in Carletonville. My mom was crying and I asked her to leave so I could learn to read and write.

Today we enrolled my little-big boy at Glenstantia Primary.

I cannot say that I felt brave walking down the passage, knowing that my son's primary school days are about to start. The school seems so big, there are so many new faces... will he be ok?

Knowing Matthew, it will only take a few days for all of this to become familiar to him, but as a dad I cannot help but feel a bit scared for his part.


Gus said...

G-d be with him, and with you!

(I HATED school - but I know it did me some good - I'm already anxious about sending 10 month old Zachari in 5/6 whatever years time!)

livingingrace said...

Hi Wessel,
Great post. I know what you mean about the apprehension in sending kids to school. We have been through the same and it is tough. Thankfully they are resilent and God is Big!
In a small way, letting our kids go, reminded me of what it must have felt like when the Father let His Son leave the comfort of heaven to go to the far off place (Earth) - necessary, but not first choice. I think most of us would want to experience every moment of our kids lives, but it just can't work like that.

Aish. Being a dad is tough sometimes.
Thinking of you all.
Delme, Kim and the boys

Anonymous said...

Try this book: "28 days of Prayer during crisis"